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Start a reverse phone search by entering the phone number in the search box above. You can then search our databases to find the phone number owner's name, address, and more.

Find Out Who Owns a Phone Number Today. To get the owner's name, you need to run a reverse phone lookup. There are many companies that are providing this kind of service out there, however, most of them provide old and outdated information, or even information that can be found by searching online.

Reverse searches can be done for both cell phones and landlines, however, cell phones can be much more difficult for us to identify. When a match is found, you will be able to see the first and last name of the owner, where the number was registered, the address of the owner, a map of their location and more.

Phone numbers can go out of service or change owners. Since it can take some time for a service to catch up on these changes, you can never fully rely on the information you find online. With those restrictions in mind, let’s look at the best strategies to check for the origin or owner of a phone number.

Perform A Reverse Phone Lookup

Autodiallers are also used to make many short duration calls, to mobiles or landlines, leaving a missed call number which is either premium rate or contains advertising messages. Sometimes these calls are silent which can be distressing especially for the elderly or nervous people.

You wonder who it is that called you and think it may be malicious, when in fact it’s a ‘computerised dialer’ trying – but failing to connect you to a call centre.

Using the Who Called me website, or simply Googling the number can put your mind at ease, making it possible to find out who it was that called.

Mobile phone companies asking you to upgrade or change service provider are also high on the Who Called Me list.

When you get a call from an unfamiliar number, first try a Google Search for the telephone number. If others have received nuisance calls it might tell you who it is – which company.

Try the Who Calls Me, or Who Called Me dot com website – just enter the number that’s bothering you.

It’s important and reassuring to use the Who Called Me service to give you peace of mind – by alerting you to a scam or bogus caller, and once identified, you often find other people have received the same call from that number.

The absolute easiest way to find out who is calling is by doing a reverse phone lookup. National Cellular Directory, can assist you in finding out who is calling your phone in a matter of minutes. Just type the unfamiliar phone number and in less than a minute their comprehensive tool will scan their billions of records and will pull up any available results.

Using a website that specializes in phone lookups is the most reliable way to find out who is calling in less time than it takes to make a bowl of cereal. Additionally, National Cellular Directory has a daily Happy Hour where you can run free reverse phone lookups at no cost.

Another easy option to find out who is calling you is to perform a cell phone lookup on social media. The easiest social media website to do this on his Facebook. Facebook actually has a search feature where if you type in the number under the search bar, if the number is associated with a Facebook profile their profile will pop up. You can also search for a number and if the number was ever shared in the Facebook post, that Facebook post will be displayed

You hear the phone ringing but you don't get to it in time, now you wonder if you have missed an important phone call. No need to worry, you can easily check and see who, rather what number, was the most recent call. Make sure you are subscribed to caller ID service through your phone company, although there are some phone service providers who offer caller ID service for free. Caller ID is only one way to find out who called you, however, there is still an option for those who do not have that service.

Look at the front of your phone and find the caller ID button, which usually is labeled "CID."

Scroll "Down" to view the most recent calls. This will list the most recent call first, and backwards from there. On the screen you can also note the time of the call, as well as the date. Caller ID will only work if you subscribe to caller ID service from your phone service provider and you have a phone with caller ID features.

Push the " * " (star) button, and then the "6" and the "9" button, if you do not have caller ID on your phone. A recording will inform you of the last number that called the phone you are dialing from.

Somebody called you and you don’t know who it was? You can search our database or post a question about a number you are interested in. You’ve missed a connection? And you have no idea who called you you’ve come to the right place! Our portal is the biggest site of this kind on the World market and is visited by over 200 000 people every month. To find information about a number, type the number into the box above and click the “search” button. If there is nothing in our database you can always post a question hoping that other users might have the information you seek.

(MoneyWatch) Not long ago I told you a few strategies for performing a reverse e-mail lookup. You can search Facebook, Google, or photo search engines, for example, to locate someone who sent you an e-mail. It's hit or miss, to be sure, but you can sometimes score a direct hit.

Performing a reverse phone search is theoretically much more straightforward -- you enter a phone number on a Web page and learn the person's name and address.

Unfortunately, reverse cell phone lookups remain one of the few kinds of online searches that it's almost impossible to get for free. There are just a few, and what works today for me might not work for you next week.

Reverse e-mail lookup to discover who has sent you a message
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That said, the best way to look up someone based on a phone number right now is Facebook. That shouldn't surprise anyone based on the service's spotty privacy record, but in this case it certainly works to your advantage if you're looking up a phone number. Just open Facebook and enter a phone number in the search box at the top of the screen, then press Enter. If that individual has associated their phone number with their Facebook profile, they will appear as the top search result, regardless of their privacy settings and even if you are not friends.

That's great, but what if that person hasn't linked their phone number to their profile, or they don't use Facebook at all? Then it's time to try your luck with a dedicated reverse phone lookup site. When I first wrote this post, I had found a reverse phone lookup site that gave excellent results with both landline and cell phone numbers. Since then, readers have run into problems with the site, and so have I.

In principle, the simply named Phone Lookup is like the Google of phone lookup Web pages -- just enter the phone number you want to reverse engineer and click Lookup.

In my experience, at times, this site is quite good at identifying the personal information of whoever is behind the phone number you enter. Often, though, it will simply announce that the information is unpublished. The site does offer to deliver names and other personal data about the owner of the phone number. I haven't paid the $4.95 fee for a one-time report, and I recommend that you avoid handing over a credit card to Phone Detective as well.

Who is calling your phone or your child's? Pranksters use a lot of tricks to make sure they can get on your nerves. Being able to trace prank calls is important because you're not going to learn much from your Caller ID, since most prank callers use an unlisted number - such as, a cell phone number. Many also use special code *67 to mask the number so your Caller ID will show "Blocked Number" or "Private Number".

There are a lot of mild cases of so-called phone bullying which can be easily handled by using the steps described below. But if things turn to the worse, like in the case of this Washington's family, you may end being one on one with the bullies and even the police won't be able to help you track them down.

If the number that keeps calling you pops up on your Caller ID, you can check its registered location, service provider and line type by doing a phone reverse lookup. To further find out to whom the number may belong, you can type it into Google, Facebook, public Yellow Pages. You can use a few private directories to carry out a mini investigation on the phone owner. Debt collectors, telemarketers and solicitors usually call from toll free numbers and they call many people - not just you, so someone somewhere has already posted information about that number. Sites such as and WhoCalled are two great complaint boards containing many land line numbers of pesky callers.

Private reverse directories do charge access fees but most of them operate full refund guarantees if they cannot locate any information about an unpublished number.

If the above step produced no results, you are ready to take another action - contact the police or a private detective. In the case of sensitive issues or mild pranks, you may feel like you don't want to engage the police in your situation so a better alternative is to contact a private investigation agency. While fees are usually high and vary in the range of $50-$100, there is a higher chance of the number being traced accurately through the agency's connections with law enforcement. More serious cases which especially involve underage children, have to be reported to the police.

In most cases pranksters go long ways to block their outgoing numbers so you do not have any information at all about the call. They also use computer generated voice to make sure you do not get any clue about the person who is behind this. Unblocking the number is possible in two ways. One way to trace phone calls is by using a service provided by the majority of telephone providers. The service, known as Call Trace, is easy to use. When you receive a prank call, you immediately hang up on the caller. After a minute, pick the receiver back up to make sure the line is clear (you'll hear the dial tone again), then press *57.

One problem with this approach is the number or name of the caller won't be given to you. Even though the prankster has violated your privacy and the peacefulness of your home, the telephone provider is not allowed to violate their privacy by letting you know who the culprit is. If the calls persist, the provider will turn over the information to the police but never to you. Also, this method may not always work for cell phones.

Telephone companies offer another service known as Last Call Return. When you get a call, you can hit *69 and you'll get the last number that called your phone. You can then use phone reverse search to track down the caller and his or her address. This method, as well, may not always work for cell phone numbers.

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    Yes. My wife received several text messages using profanity and degrading language about her. She has no idea who this person is.
  • 314-599-1116
    Yes. My wife received several text messages using profanity and degrading language about her. She has no idea who this person is.
  • 314-599-1116
    Yes. My wife received several text messages using profanity and degrading language about her. She has no idea who this person is.
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